Wednesday, 12 December 2012



It's been a few days since the big examination ended.Yeah, finally right? But, it's funny to think how much I wanted this things to end-school, SPM, jawatan etc; now I wanted all of them back. Oopps, maybe not all of them. school only. mula rasa bosan tahap giga.kalau difikirkan, segala yg dah dialami all these years during highschool- sekolah harian&boarding school; taught me a lot about the meaning of life. Taught me countless things about how to be a good hamba Allah, good daughter, good siblings, good friends. In front of others I may be lacking a lot, & I do admit it but I'm still learning&searching the real me. Hablumminallah & hablumminannas. The things I care most :)

terima kasih Allah atas segala nikmat yang dikurniakan.
terima kasih Ibu&Ayah for raising me.
terima kasih kawan for all things you guys taught me.
& teachers too.